Our mission: change the culture in our schools that leads to violence

Because the time to act to make schools safer is now.

1. WalkUp

All it takes is noticing someone who looks like they need a friend.

2. Care

Start with compassion, and then just listen.

3. Ask

Ask if you can help or if someone else can.

4. Evaluate

Determine if this person needs more help than you can offer.

5. Act

Talk to your parents, a teacher or school resource officer or other trusted adult.

these simple steps can change school culture.

Get Involved

Students, parents, educators can all play a part.  Learn how to get involved.

About the WalkUp Foundation

We focus on prevention

The WalkUp Foundation’s mission is to improve the safety and security of our nation’s schools through evidence based prevention programs.  Learn how you can help make your school safer.

Kids Walking with Backpacks


These partners are committed to making our schools and communities safer.  Please visit their websites for more information on how you can support their efforts.

Walking up can be the change and provide the hope a troubled person needs.
 Walking up doesn’t require any special skills.  Just listen, observe, and identify a person in need.