Our mission is to change the culture in schools that leads to violence

It won't be easy, and it will require time and effort on everyone's part.

The solution starts with walking up to someone and simply saying hello.

No problem has ever been solved by walking out. But walking up to someone can save lives.

Walking up can be the change and hope a troubled person needs. Walking up doesn't require any special skills - just observe and listen to identify a problem. These simple steps can make the difference in someone's life:
  • 1. WalkUp

    All it takes is noticing someone who looks like they need a friend.

  • 2. Care

    Start with compassion, and then just listen.

  • 3. Ask

    Ask if you can help or if someone else can.

  • 4. Evaluate

    Determine if this person needs more help than you can offer.

  • 5. Act

    Tell a teacher, police officer or an adult immediately.

Follow these simple steps and do something for someone who may harm themselves or others. WalkUp and change school culture and change the world for the better.

Because the time to act to make schools safer is now.